Architectural Review

Architectural Review Committee for Mirabella @ LaVina HOA.

The purpose of the ARC is to ensure the asthetics of the community are preserved. This means that any *changes* to exterior appearance needs to be reviewed by the ARC. Please submit an ARC form and include a property survey or sample pictures of what you would like to change.

ARC Form

ARC Requirements

Approved color pallette

There is a color book available that visually shows you the available colors in the community. These colors were formulated by a designer to ensure a unified blending of colors within our community.

The list below are examples of changes that NEED TO BE SUBMITTED:

A general color palette has being created.

This will give you a visual example of paint colors available in the community.The original palette is from Color Wheel and any paint supplier can match these paint colors for an exterior paint.

Please review your HOA convenants for general guidelines.

The ARC is covered under Section 6 of the HOA convenants. Please click the link for a copy of this section if you are not familiar with these rules of the community.

ARC Process

Send your ARC form to the management company.

Fill in your ARC form with as much details as possible. Include a copy of your property survey or sketch of the area you would like to change, and also include any pictures, samples, colors, etc of the change.
The management company will date when the request was received and then distribute to the HOA Board as well as the ARC.

Review and Response.

The ARC will receive the request and schedule an ARC meeting as quickly as possible. The request will be reviewed against current astetics in the community. If there are questions or more details needed, the ARC will work with the homeowner to get additional details.

The ARC will review all of the details and approve or deny the request, then send the form back to the management company to keep a copy. Once approved, work can begin on the requested changes.