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Mirabella @ LaVina HOACommunity 1st Advisors
760 FL Central Pkwy. Suite 212
Longwood FL 32750

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Phone: 407-628-1086

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Board of Directors

Janice Loran, LCAM
As Property Manager for Mirabella LaVina, Janice is responsibility for the day to day management of the HOA, including primary point of contact for any financial, real estate, or resident concerns.
Chris V
Chris is currently serving as the HOA President. Chris has been in the community since the first houses closed in 2004. Email the board for pictures!
Joey T
Joey is currently serving as the HOA Treasurer and is our newest board memeber. Joey and his family moved into the community in 2015.
Gabriel A
Gabriel is currenty serving as HOA Secretary. Gabriel and his family have been in the community for over 8 years.
Julie T
Julie is currentl serving as HOA Director. Julie and her family have lived in Mirabella since 2004, and if you need Girl Scout cookies see Julie!
Kory O
Kory is currently serving as HOA Director. Kory and his family moved into the neighborhood in 2014.